Serious Bison

Printmaking and Illustration By Oliver Flude

Getting one of the main characters right.

10 random penciled pages from my graphic novel 300 Days of the Red Khan. This is also taking a while like my linocuts. Hoped to have the first episode inked by now, but I’ve still got about 15 pages to pencil first. Started planing episode 3 and 4 though, so not all slow going. Still fun.

The presses of Montmorillon en plein air for martinkochany at Hot Bed Press


GIOVANNI DA CAMPIONETomb of Cangrande della Scala (detail)c. 1333MarbleS. Maria Antica, Verona


Tomb of Cangrande della Scala (detail)
c. 1333
S. Maria Antica, Verona

Lighthouse and castle rock. X2 zoom magnifier light useful cutting tool.

Linocut fishing village and market. This might take some time.


the hawkeye process - Matt Fraction (script), David Aja (art), Matt Hollingsworth (colors)

(via bear1na)

A small small amount cut last night. A village square with statue/fountain. Slow progress but progress none the less.